Different Types of Bag Every Woman Should Know

Satchels, hobos, duffel, tote, clutch…with so many different styles of bags nowadays, how to differentiate these handbags? It can be pretty confusing when we are trying to get a specific type of bag but don’t know the exact purse lingo for it.

Modern day bags have evolved into practical stylish bags that every woman on the go needs. These bags have been designed with the intention for woman at work, leisure, babysitting, holidaying, business functions in mind. This was different from the previous era where woman are more confined to their homes.

Choosing a suitable handbag to complement a woman’s appearance and occasion is important. The right fashionable handbag that a woman carries can make a woman looks classy, sophisticated and pretty.

Hobo bag

The most commonly used types of women purses nowadays are hobos, totes, clutches among others. Hobos are the most loved classic bags that every designer handbags must have in their collection. Its defined by its crescent shape and slouchy posture with a handle long enough to carry over shoulder. They are usually available in many colors and sizes and materials used are soft and flexible.

Coach Satchel

Satchels are slightly structured handbag with double handles, a wide, flat bottom. May be large or small sizes. In the olden days, doctors used to go carry their essentials in a satchel, which has now evolved into modern day designer handbag. Nowadays, it is highly prized by working women who needs to carry documents with them on a daily basis, or woman who needs an elegant yet spacious bag.

Totes – also called a Shopper bag due to its large to medium size that can fit anything that is too large for a common handbag. It has 2 straps and can either be held by hand or carry over the shoulders if its big size. It has an open up top or zipper closure.


Tote bag


Totes are quite versatile, they are comfortable to be carried either to the beach, shopping or work. They come in many sizes and designs ranging from casual, trendy and fun to stylish.

If you are going for a dinner or formal event, a clutch is a stylish bag to carry. It is a small but long bag without a handle, usually rectangular shape. Usually it can only accomodate a lipstick, cellphone, driving license and some other minor essentials. You need to clutch it – hence the name.

Wristlets are similar to a clutch but it has a strap which you can cling to when dancing or logging. It is usually not as elegant as a clutch, therefore more suitable for casual outings and errands when you only need to carry your necessities.

Duffel bags are usually large, with a drawstring opening at the top. Usually used for travel or sports.

Messenger bags are usually preferred by college girls and teenagers. They come with a long strap to be worn across the body and are often made of durable and water-resistant materials. Messengers have a lot of space and is very easy to carry on the shoulders while the hands can be free to move.

Bags are an essential accessory to everyone irregardless of man or woman. It is used to carry essential items when we are on the go from one place to the other. Having a good quality bag ensures that the belongings that you carry will remain secure with you.