How To Clean A Designer Fabric Purse?

A soiled purse does not looks good on anyone if you bring it out. It does not matter if its heavily soiled, or just slightly soiled. If its noticeably soiled, then its not good and definitely not your style.

First of all, read the instruction for cleaning the bag on the care card if any and follow them carefully. Designer purses like Coach normally have its own care products. You could also contact the designer store to ask for assistance on cleaning the bag. Or if you don’t want to clean it yourself, you could bring it a specialist purse cleaner for a small fee.

Designer manufacturers usually do not warranty the purse if you have cleaned it using any other methods other than their care instruction. If you took it to a other dry cleaner then your warranty will also be void if they ruined it.

If there is no cleaning instructions for the bag, then you may try to clean it by yourself. Begin by emptying out the purse and shake out any dirt/debris in the bag. Pull out the lining gently, open the zippered pockets, multifunction pockets and turn them upside down to shake off any further debris.

Gently blot the fabric bag with a clean, white cloth soaked in warm water and gentle detergent such as Woolite. If there is any stubborn stain, spot clean it and blot until the stain goes off or lighten. Remember not to rub, just blot as you go. If the stain does not go off completely, just leave your bag to air-dry and spot clean it another day.

After cleaning, apply fabric protector such as Scothgard to a fabric purse before using it.

If its made of silk or velvet, it is recommended to take it to the dry cleaners or ask for assistant from the designer store.

A designer purse does not come cheap and can last a long time if you know how to take good care of it. Toting around a spotless designer purse will gain admire glances from people around you. For more designer fabric coach styles, please visit