How to Spot a Fake Le Pliage Longchamp bag

Of all the Longchamp bags, the Le Pliage totes range seems to be copied the most. If you are buying a Longchamp bag online, below are several tips for you to look out for when checking for authenticity of the le pliage bag but it may not be an exhaustive list.

Authentic Longchamp Le- Pliage Bilberry

1)  In general, look at the overall appearance of the le pliage bag. Le pliages are made of water resistant nylon canvas and Russian leather. The material is lightweight, matte finish and crisp to the feel, whereas a fake one may look shiny and thicker. It is a good idea to check out a real Le Pliage bag before hand at their store so that you are familiar with the feel and look of the real one.

2) Take note of the exact dimensions of the particular style in the Longchamp official website. Dimensions include width, length and height of the bag, as well as the handle length. Compare this information to the Longchamp bag that you want to buy.

3) Longchamp has outsourced most of their production of their bags to Tunisia and China to keep up with increasing demand. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you see that its made in China, its possibly a real one if it fulfills the rest of the check list here.

4) Leather Flap in front: An authentic Le Pliage has the jockey logo embossed on both the logo and the snap. Authentic Le Pliage leather has diamond like pattern if you look closely at the leather part (front flap and edge). Fake leather looks like fish scale patterns. Both the pictures here shows the difference between the leather for the real (picture 1) and fake one (picture 2).

Authentic Leather

Fake Leather

5) Check the wordings on the back leather flap. On the fakes, the words modèle déposé are missing the accent marks. You may see the accent mark on picture below pointed by arrow.

Authentic Le-Pliage

6) Reinforced snaps on the inside of the front pocket. This should be an easy one to spot. Authentic ones have their snaps reinforced with clear plastic discs that extends beyond the snap itself. Le Pliage also have another snap at the bottom of bag.

7) Zipper Pulls: Real ones have detailed picture of the jockey and horse, fake ones may seem to blend together. Longchamp uses YKK zippers and you can see the “ykk” letters at the side of the zipper itself.

8. Inside lining: The inside plastic coating should feel like plastic, not rubbery. The colours of the inside lining depends on what colour is the bag. Darker colours should have brown or black lining. Pastel(light) colours bag should have white lining, not the same as outside.

9) Inside leather flap- fake ones’ leather looks hairy and edges are jagged (picture 2). Real ones are also raw but looks and feel much smoother and ‘cleaner’ (picture 1). Notice the indent of a jockey and horse on the inside flap of real one? The fakes don’t have indent.



By following the tips given above, you should not go wrong with your Longchamp le pliage. That said, these tips above is the opinion of author’s own from her own personal buying experience :)

Disclaimer: Pls note that the author is unable to authenticate websites that sells handbags in order to protect interest of other parties. She may comment on the bag itself based on her own personal opinion if asked, but in no way shall be held responsible for the sole purpose of authentication. Please embark on your due diligence whenever necessary.